Letter to the Editor: Shocked at Judge Parker’s Decision to Remove Mural


Aztec, N.M.
Regarding: Court decision concerning the 10 Commandments in Bloomfield, New Mexico.
Honorable Judge Parker:
After reading the decision that you returned concerning the 10 Commandments monument in Bloomfield, N.M., I was shocked.
There were several reasons that I was shocked. One being that since you were appointed by Pres. Ronald Reagan I thought you were a more conservative judge who would have known the history of the United States. The other concern was that the 10 Commandments mural was on the wall in the District Court itself. Therefore, I very was disappointed in the ruling, which you enacted.
Let me remind you of the history of the United States and its formation. In 1492 the Jews were being expelled from Spain. They either had to convert to Catholicism or leave the nation within about two weeks or be killed. Of course those who left did not have time to sell the property and lost everything just as Jews did under Hitler in World War II.
The same year King Ferdinand and Queen Isabellla were expelling the Jews from Spain another Jewish Italian from Italy was having his voyage to discover a new world paid for by King Isabella and Queen Ferdinand. His name was Christopher Columbus. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was locating a safe haven for the Jews to come to America.
He wanted them to have a land of freedom where they would not be exiled.
As the pilgrims came and as our forefathers came to this land they bowed their knee before the sovereign Lord God committing themselves and this nation into the hand of Almighty God. George Washington and many of our other great leaders made Covenant with the same God that had made Covenant with Israel.
It is because we have served and worshiped the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in this nation that this nation has been blessed. It is not because we are wiser, smarter, or more ingenious than all the peoples on the earth. We know that honor has fallen on the Jewish people with all their Nobel prizes for innovative thinking, discoveries, patents, and their desire to bless the nations, i.e. Mercy medical ship, including equipping and doctoring the nations of the world when disaster strikes. You do not hear about it in the news but usually they are the first responders on the scene of any disaster anywhere in the world.
Every time this nation has made a decision to exclude the Lord Jesus Christ He has graciously backed off. His hand of mercy has been lifting off this nation since 1963 when prayer was taken out of school. Then again in1973 with Roe versus Wade decision of the Supreme Court. This can be followed back to the death of Gordon Lindsay, president of Christ for the Nations Institute, in Dallas, Texas, in 1973 where the majority of the miracles that were beginning to happen in America were stopped. With every ungodly law that has been instituted there have been consequences from heaven that have come upon our nation.
The Bible states in Genesis 12:2-3 “If you bless Israel you will be blessed if you curse Israel you will be cursed”. It is very plain and very simple. On August 23, 2005, President Bush leaned on Ariel Sharon, then Prime Minister of Israel, to pull the Jewish people out of the Gaza Strip. On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina came into Louisiana and made the citizens of the United States homeless just as we had made the citizens of Israel homeless. As our administration in the US turn their back on Israel I have grave concern of what could come on America as a resulting consequence.
In the Constitution it states the government shall make no laws establishing a religion. This was written from the context of our forefathers coming out of the British hold on there religious beliefs. The only church was the Church of England and there was no toleration of any other church. When our Constitution was written the original intent was that the government would not set up an established religion and rule that one religion. They wanted to be free to worship in the manner they chose not that mandated by the federal government. They wanted their right to worship separated from a government mandate.
However, the courts in the United States have taken the original intent of the First Amendment and twisted it and perverted it to come up with laws to separate us “from religion” and has put us into bondage with freedom from religion. Now causing the Christian people in this nation not to be able to have their own rights. To name just a few, the lawsuits that have occurred in New Mexico with bakeries and photographers, Chick-fil-a restaurants, Hobby Lobby and other Christian businesses, to be denied their rights to uphold their Christian values.
This is spreading cross our military bases and including currently removal of Bibles from hotel rooms on the US naval bases around the world, approximately 24,000 hotels. The US government is refusing access to Bibles to our soldiers and to their families that have fought and given their lives for this nation that have given their lives for the very freedoms that we are taking away from them.
Obviously, I did go on and on because there are so many areas in our society that have been affected by the foolishness of the political correctness that our court system has perpetuated.
The original laws of our nation, the basis of our Constitution was established on the law of God. All the laws had their principal basis to concur with the Bible. It is not a government endorsed religion, it is not Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, etc, and of course does not end with those religions. But the Ten Commandments was the foundation and structure for all of the laws in America. And why would you not want to hold the citizens of the US to this kind of moral code? Isn’t it wrong to murder someone or steal from them. Look at the havoc and destruction that is caused in a family when a husband or wife separate over an adulterous affair.
God said we should have no other gods before Him, now we can look around the world and plainly see the living conditions of those who worship Allah or other foreign gods. We see the consequence in hatred, jhadists, children being used as human shields, abuse of women including sexual mutilation, etc. We can see with our own eyes the barrenness of the land. Where idolatry is a good part of the lands are deserts.
I am sure you watch the news and know what the Islamic terrorists have planned for America. I am sure you are also aware of the Pro Palestinian uprising on the college and university campuses across America. I attended the Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington, DC in July.  As the Israeli Ambassador was speaking there were 4 interruptions by Pro Palestinian groups in less that an hour.  If we think this is not coming to a city near us we are greatly deceived.
Mr. Kevin Mausy’s portrayal of the 10 Commandments as a historical document is truth but it is so much more than that as I have explained. The decision of the court that he is using this city platform on a personal basis is totally untrue. Every project must have a point person or a leader to get anything done, but there were hundreds probably thousands, who gave into the project financially because of their support for this project he was doing.
If the State of Oklahoma can have the 10 Commandments displayed at their State Capitol, I see no reason we, the citizens of NM should not have the same rights the citizens of Oklahoma have.
If America continues this course of political correctness it has chosen, this country will look nothing like our founders original intent in a very few years.
I honor your position as you have been placed by the people to take responsibility, to make considerations and listen on behalf of the heart of the people and to judge according to the truth contained in this document. Please hear I represent many, many people. In light of your decision to have the 10 Commandments removed many will reconsider your position in upcoming elections.