Letter To The Editor: Sheriff’s Office On Council Agenda

Los Alamos Deputy Sheriff

The upcoming county council meeting will address an issue to vote on the abolishment of this county’s Sheriffs office. This is the most important issue to be addressed in this meeting. 

In the past the citizens of Los Alamos have been deceived by an unlawful county charter issue that has prevented the Sheriffs office from performing its duties as prescribed by state law. We have some County Council members who feel that the Sheriffs office is a threat to their ability to control the community.

The Sheriffs office is empowered by our constitution and state law to protect its citizens from unlawful acts perpetrated by local and many federal agencies. To abolish that office is to abolish your right to protection from unscrupulous acts against us the citizens.

In the past our county councils have often used delay tactics hoping attendees would tire of waiting or have tabled issues that they feel the public may disagree with them on. Please show up at the upcoming county council meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 14 at the Council Chambers and demand the issue regarding the office of the Sheriff be at the top of the County Council meeting agenda.