Letter To The Editor: Sheriff’s Office Is Now Vestigial

By A Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos

Oh boy, now we learn from George Chandler’s informative and thoughtful letter (here) that Sheriff Marco Lucero seeks to sue Los Alamos County to preserve the Office of the Sheriff.

It seems that the role of the sheriff is like that of the human appendix: formerly more useful than today. A current theory of the role of the appendix is to act as a reservoir for desirable intestinal

flora, to help prevent e.g. Clostridium difficile infections following a bout of cholera or dysentery.

Having clean food and water and a highly effective police force, the existence of a sheriff, like the appendix, seems to be more of a liability than asset, therefore now vestigial. The presence of the appendix is generally tolerated until it becomes problematic, whereupon it is promptly excised. 

The Office of Sheriff in Los Alamos County has become problematic.