Letter To The Editor: Sheriff Or No Sheriff – That Is The Question

Los Alamos

If the Los Alamos County Sheriff is nothing more than a “hollow-shell”, as George Chandler would have us believe, then the council should put it to the citizens to have that position removed from the LAC charter and ALL of that position’s responsibilities (paper pushing is how I imagine Chandler sees the position) given to the LAC Police Department. New full-time LAC employee?

Until that position is removed, however, the LAC Sheriff is an elected position by us citizens and deserves the amenities that such an elected position warrants. To me, the Sheriff’s status elsewhere is equivalent to that of a Police Chief, which, incidentally, is NOT an elected position in LAC!

Whether the Sheriff is enabled to do “law enforcement” or not  is NOT the question. If LAC provides the Police Chief with a car to be driven in the service to the citizens, then it should do likewise for the Sheriff.

Either do it or get rid of the Sheriff position. LAC Councilors need to get on one side of the fence or the other – Sheriff with a vehicle or no Sheriff. Simple.