Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Marco Lucero Superbly Qualified

Los Alamos Councilor

I support re-election of Sheriff Marco Lucero because he’s superbly qualified for the job, and he’s a committed and active member of our community. 

Being retired from his full-time job, he has the time and energy to be our sheriff without distraction. Although the county charter specifies a limited number of duties for our sheriff, state law requires him to investigate all lawbreaking, which comes to his attention. With the experience and respect he has earned in 26 years of law enforcement, he knows how to do this in a legal, safe, and effective way; he can work seamlessly with our county police department to help keep Los Alamos a great place to live.

Sheriff Lucero takes time to participate in state and national law enforcement organizations, which keeps him updated on best practices in law enforcement. The respect he has earned in these groups, as well as in our county, enables him to be an effective advisor and lobbyist with our state and federal representatives on important issues for our safety.

My vote is for the re-election of our County Sheriff Marco Lucero.