Letter To The Editor: Sheriff Acting Above The Law

By Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos
Surprised nobody has caught onto the story that the Sheriff self-promoted himself conducting an investigation and charging teenagers with criminal damage to property and conspiracy to commit criminal damage to property (link).
Sheriff Lucero has proven to the community that he thinks he is above the law because this act clearly violates his current duties under the county charter. I’m sure his defense is state law allows him to conduct criminal investigations however, what Lucero does not understand is he does not work for the state he works for the county of Los Alamos and is paid by the county
of Los Alamos, and he must follow their rules and policies.
If he wants to use “state law” in his defense to elaborate what he can and can not do, then I ask him this, go ask the State of New Mexico for compensation for your activities instead of the tax payers of Los Alamos.
According to state law 30-28-2 Conspiracy, can only be charged when the crime committed is a felony. Unless the sign they damaged was over $1,000 in value, there is no felony and thus no conspiracy charge applies. Lucero does not even know the law.
Maybe the Los Alamos Daily Post, the County Attorney’s Office and Los Alamos County Council should all take some time and examine this before the hearing on Tuesday, June 6. This appears to be corruption at its highest level and from the so called “highest elected law enforcement official in the county.”
If Lucero will go this far for some teenagers tagging a political sign, what would he do next if given more authority from the county council? Tough questions to answer or defend if you’re Lucero, Sheehey or Chrobocinski.