Letter To The Editor: Sharon Stover Supports Youth?

Los Alamos
I’ve been heartened this past week to see no fewer than three ads in which Sharon Stover has focused her campaign for state office on the well-being of NM children. What a great cause to embrace. I’m a bit perplexed, however — does Ms. Stover intend to be an advocate for all NM children, or only the straight ones?

I ask because as County Clerk, she moved to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples. (For background, see The LA Monitor, Aug. 31, 2013 or The ABQ Journal, Sept. 4, 2013.) Her prior actions could only be called hurtful to LGBT children, not helpful, in that she sought to exacerbate the damaging isolation and fear felt by a significant, vulnerable segment of our population. Such actions serve to perpetuate the conditions that lead to LGBT youth having far higher risk of suicide than straight youth. Not helpful.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood, though, and am attributing either homophobia or moral vigilanteism to Ms. Stover when other factors were at play. To clarify for voters who, like me, feel concern for all youth, including the 10-20 percent who do not fall nicely into the mainstream of gender identity and sexual orientation, I wonder if Ms. Stover would be willing to state that she fully supports marriage equality, and if elected to a position at the state level would never in any way use that position to limit the rights and freedoms of any minority group, and specifically those of the LGBT

If such a statement makes her uncomfortable for any reason, then as an alternative it’d be great if MS. Stover could supply a list of the specific attributes a person needs to have, in order to merit her advocacy and concern. I’m sure that would be equally clarifying.