Letter To The Editor: Sharon Stover Is A Community All-Star!

Los Alamos
I have had the pleasure of serving with Sharon Stover in our local Kiwanis club for many years. Sharon energizes every group she is in, and she has been a tremendous asset to our club.
Sharon has been an integral part of all Kiwanis activities. When Sharon became chair of our scholarship committee, she immediately began to improve and streamline our practices. She moved us to a paperless process that helped save time and trees. Sharon is also the person who coordinates interview schedules, notifies scholarship recipients, and creates the biography sheets for each student. Being chair of this committee is a huge time commitment, and Sharon cheerfully takes on this responsibility to recognize and promote the accomplishments of our youth.
Sharon has also played a key role in other Kiwanis efforts. She is a valuable contributor to our annual 4th of July Fireworks event at Overlook Park. Sharon often helps with the “squibbing,” that is attaching electronic fuses to the fireworks. She spends time working the gate as well.
Sharon also helps with our annual Senior Appreciation Night event. Her energy helps get everyone through the early morning hours as we feed hungry and sometimes sleepy graduates. When Kiwanis adopted Entrance Park, she helped us with the cleanup and continues to pitch in to this day.
Sharon Stover is a community treasure. But she can do more if we elect her to the Legislature. With her energy, enthusiasm, and love for Los Alamos and New Mexico, she will achieve great things for us and New Mexico. Please support Sharon Stover as our state representative!