Letter To The Editor: Sharon Stover – Exceptional Experience For NM House Dist. 43

Los Alamos

A person with a broad base of experience is a great asset in our New Mexico Legislature and you won’t find anyone with broader and more varied experience than New Mexico House Dist. 43 candidate Sharon Stover.     

  • Business: helped her family run a successful community icon restaurant at an early age.
  • Family: as a homemaker, in collaboration with a high-level lab manager, has raised two outstanding young people, one a thriving practicing lawyer, the other an economics graduate working in retirement plan finance for a major company.
  • Youth mentoring: instrumental in establishing the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board; served as State Chair of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee; helped establish the Los Alamos Youth Leadership program; Chair of the Kiwanis Scholarship Committee; served on the YMCA Board for 14 years and worked to bring the Española Teen Center to fruition.
  • Rural, Local and State Government: is a member of two acequia associations. Served as acting manager of the Parks and Recreation Department. Served as Assistant to County Administrator to several administrators. Served two terms on County Council, three times as chair. Served as treasurer, then President of the New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC); in the latter capacity, traveled to each of the 33 NM County leaders to discuss their concerns and needs. Initiated the Regional Coalition for LANL Communities that has brought regional cities, counties, and pueblos together in support of LANL.

This is a tiny introduction to the range of Sharon’s experience. For a full picture, be sure to check www.SharonStoverNM.com; what you find there will show you why Sharon’s marathon commitment to service is now needed in NM House District 43. 

Having served with Sharon on County Council and in Kiwanis I can assure you that your vote for Sharon Stover is a vote for experience-based common sense government.


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