Letter To The Editor: Setting The Record Straight

Los Alamos

I appreciated the story (link) in the Los Alamos Daily Post about the League of Women Voters forum for magistrate judge candidates. However, I believe the reporter misconstrued a statement that was attributed to me and I would like to take the opportunity to correct the record.

After I had stated my belief that victims should be made whole to the extent possible after a crime and that courts should work toward restorative justice, a gentleman in the audience asked whether the candidates favored alternatives to jail time, particularly for youthful offenders.
I answered that for some people who have potential for rehabilitation and who are not hardened criminals, I believe that, “if the law allows for it, credible options for rehabilitation outside of incarceration—such as military service, enrollment in educational or job-training programs, or structured apprenticeships—could be considered under certain circumstances.”
Voters can learn more about me and my positions at www.rickman4magistrate.com
Thank you for providing me the opportunity to correct the record, and thanks again to the League of Women Voters for their hard work and dedication to informing voters about candidates across the entire ballot. I urge everyone to exercise their right to vote Nov. 6.