Letter To The Editor: Setting Record Straight About Tongue Brushing

Owner of Knoze Jr. Corp
AllerPops was featured on KOAT Action 7 News Nov. 15, 2018, “Los Alamos Scientist Creates Lollipop for Allergy Relief.
The reporter, Kay Dimanche, did an outstanding job telling the story of how the company got started. I was struggling with a terrible year-long case of the allergies. After testing my own saliva I discovered that it wasn’t the junipers that caused the allergy symptoms, but instead it was a lack of friendly bacteria in my mouth.
The study that led to the invention of AllerPops revealed a general principle that can explain why we have allergies and other common ailments. The Theory of Negative Trigger describes the fundamental relationship between bacteria and the human host’s immune system. 
Taking AllerPops restores those friendly oral bacteria that play a role in keeping your allergies at bay by calming down your immune system.
Why do so many people lack oral probiotics?
The main reason that most people don’t have enough probiotics in their mouth is that they practice extreme oral hygiene. How much is too much? Knoze Jr promotes proper oral hygiene to reduce, allergies, cavities, and the gum infections that are associated with caries or heart disease. Think of proper oral hygiene as striking a healthy balance between extreme oral hygiene and bad oral hygiene.
Extreme oral hygiene (using toothpaste containing antibiotics, mouth-washing fluid with antibacterial chemical, tongue cleaning) increases the odds of having allergies because doing these things kills off the good bacteria. Bad oral hygiene (not brushing flossing enough) may result in cavities and gum infections.
After using AllerPops, we do not recommend brushing your tongue as a regular practice because doing so will frequently disturb the healthy oral microbiota and give room for the competitors of probiotics to grow and suppress the good bacteria. Those competitors cannot communicate with your immune system properly.
The comments about brushing your tongue were misleading
In the KOAT news report, Dr. Osman Dokmeci made a comment that could mislead people to think that not brushing your tongue may cause heart disease. In his comments he said that not brushing your tongue can cause bad breath and is an example of bad oral hygiene. He then said that bad oral hygiene is correlated with heart disease which makes it sounds as if there is a correlation between not brushing your tongue and heart disease.
Research shows that cleaning your tongue isn’t relevant to heart disease. What is relevant to heart disease is Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacteria that is associated with chronic gum disease.
The bacteria from the gums travels through the bloodstream and attaches to the artery walls, causing them to harden. The key to reducing the bacteria accumulating in the arteries is to brush and floss teeth and get regular dental cleanings.
The purpose of oral hygiene is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but not to completely sanitize your mouth. When people constantly brush their tongue, they do it because they are afraid of bacteria. They want to get rid of as much bacteria as they can. But not all bacteria is bad.
Bacteria are a necessary component of the human body. When you clear bacteria out of a space, more bacteria will come. If there is livable space, bacteria will be there.
The question is, do you want helpful bacteria or harmful bacteria to be in your mouth? When it comes to your mouth, you want your friends to be there, and not your enemies. AllerPops are designed to provide the food and nutrients that attract the right kind of bacteria to your mouth. 

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