Letter To The Editor: Select My Son Keith Lepsch To Fill Empty Council Seat

Los Alamos

Dear Council Members:

You might not be surprised that I am writing to you suggesting you select my son to fill the empty council seat.

I am his father … you might ask how we come to be in Los Alamos. My wife, Priscilla, and I were in our retirement home in Charlottesville VA helping Keith’s brother raise his two 11 and 13 year old children. When Keith and his lovely wife Carolina said they were going to have a baby and can we come and help. Of course we said yes! We sold our house, packed up the truck and never looked back except through tears for leaving the other half of the family. That was 7 years ago. Los Alamos is our new home and we love it.

The weather is similar to Charlottesville except there is no humidity ( 90°F 90%RH ) and no gnats, no mosquitoes, no stink bugs, no stink bad lady bugs, only very nice people, a beautiful small town where we walk to everything. We love it here with our new 7-year-old grandson.

When Keith and his brother were young we did everything as a family. From grass cutting to changing oil, to changing transmissions/clutches and graduated to changing engines in cars. We installed 1,000 sq. ft. of hard wood flooring. Planted and dug potatoes. Flew RC model airplanes, sports and the most fun was getting up at 5 a.m. to go to swim practice. We did not do that too long Ha! Priscilla taught the boys to cook, clean and do laundry. It was funny when the boys got shocked while we were installing an outlet or a switch. We wanted them to be well rounded … it worked.

Keith has since gotten married and has a beautiful 7 year old going to Aspen Elementary. Fabian is very lucky to have Mrs. Padilla as his teacher and loves school. Keith and his wife (soon to be a NP) are both nurses. My wife is a nurse. His brother is an internal medicine Dr. with masters in EE. His wife is an NP. I’m the odd ball EE.

Keith has an extensive background in the medical field starting from a young age as an EMT, a paramedic, hospital ICU, recovery, operating room, Flight nurse on a helicopter and fixed wing. He has management/budget experience while director of surgical services for five years at LAMC. His personality is such that he looks for the good in people. He always brings people together for common goals.

Thanks for listening to someone who is truly biased.


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