Letter to the Editor: School Bond – No Conspiracy … Just Good Business Sense

By Mike Lippiatt
Los Alamos

While I am elated that Peter Heimdahl voted for the school bond, I am in total disagreement with his conspiracy theory about its timing.

One of the main reasons the bond is now coming up is because the old bond is being paid off and a new bond is needed … and although we will not see lower taxes … we also will not see our taxes increase.

Why? … because the old bond retires and the new bond kicks in. So, taxes won’t go down if approved but they won’t go up either. Does that make sense?

We retire one debt, and in a timely manner, start a new debt – tit for tat as it were. So things stay pretty much level and we see a school, Aspen Elementary School, which is on the state’s top list of dilapidated schools, get full renovation.

Not only will Aspen School get renovated, the state will match the funds at 50 percent. So if the bond outlays $10 million for Aspen, the state will give $5 million and the school will get a $15 million face lift … is this a win-win or what?!

One debt goes away, a new one begins and taxes stay uniform. AND….that’s the reason for the timing. No conspiracy going on here folks – just good business sense. So please vote yes for the school bond!


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