Letter To The Editor: Scalia

Los Alamos
The death of Justice Scalia has been treated with great dignity and respect by all persons involved. However, I lost my respect for the man when he decided in Bush vs. Gore that the state of Florida should stop counting votes so that an unelected Supreme Court could determine the next president.
By every counting method, Gore would have won that election had the counting of votes in a democratic republic be allowed to continue. Mr. Scalia decided that Mr. Bush would be harmed if he lost, I guess not caring about the harm to Gore and the nation and the lost respect of the supreme court by that decision.
No matter how great he was before then, once he allowed his politics to override rational judgment, he lost his greatness. There is no constitutional argument that can be made to justify his decision, only the fact that he loved his political party more than he loved his country.
And the second fall from greatness occurred when he voted to allow unlimited use of money in our elections. Businesses are not people. They can not die and we can’t put them in jail when they harm society. Justice Scalia’s claim to be a strict constitutionalists is not supported by the facts, since all businesses during the constitutional days where licensed by the state for a set period (usually five years) and the business was dissolved after that period or any time the business did not operate in the public interests.
It was a severe crime for any business to intervene in any way in any election. Due to the faulty thinking of Justice (some say Injustice) Scalia, we now have the situation where our government is owned by big business, millions of dollars are spent on elections without any accounting, and the common man has no chance to voice his opinion in a world run by billionaires. A republican conservative, Dwight Eisenhower once warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex. Now they own us, our elections, and our government.
It’s sad that our society has decided that the appearance of reality is more important than the reality itself. Justice Scalia was not a great man, no matter how many times the words are said. Some day we need to start caring about the truth in our society, as the truth should be the ultimate goal of all people who claim to be intelligent and moral.
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.

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