Letter to the Editor: Saving the Organ Mountains

Tijeras, N.M.

I have been to many national parks in the United States and have seen the wildlife and beautiful landscapes they offer. If it weren’t for these places many plant and animal species would be endangered. For instance, the existence of Yellowstone National Park saves wolves, which then protects the circle of life in the park by keeping down elk and deer, which threaten aspen

The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in Las Cruces need to be protected as a national monument. Sen. (Tom) Udall and (Martin) Heinrich’s bill is a great first step, but President Obama needs to take action himself. If this is accomplished, the land will be preserved for generations of families in New Mexico, not torn down by mining and housing developments.

My dad used to say that he saw a bald eagle every now and then from exploring in the Organ Mountains when he was younger, but it has been 30 years since he saw one there, and the last time he saw one it was in Yellowstone. Preserve the Organ Mountains so we can preserve their wildlife for future generations.