Letter to the Editor: Save Our Ashley Pond Fish!

By Claire Sanders
Los Alamos

As the construction on Ashley Pond has begun, we have all been told that the ducks will be safe in a temporary home until the project is complete.

A memo posted on the project website June 5, 2013 states that this has already been accomplished by Duck Buddies, even though the ducks were there this morning (Thursday) when I took my kids to feed them. The ducks are lucky to have this group dedicated to their well being.

While at the pond, I asked one of the construction workers if he knew what was happening to the fish; he told me that as far as he knew there were no plans. The pond has many beautiful, large, mature koi that I enjoy watching just as much as the ducks and I was looking forward to seeing them even better once the water is cleaned up. I called the County 311 Customer Care line and was informed that the fish had been determined to be diseased and would be bagged and taken to the dump after the pond was drained!

I would like to know how this was determined and if there is any treatment for this “disease” that might be able to be carried out if the fish were temporarily homed in smaller koi ponds while the pond is under construction.  As the pond drainage has already begun, the fish are short on time. I would be happy to house fish in temporary tanks in my back yard, which Pet Pangaea has offered to procure if it would be possible to treat these fish and return them to their home in a couple of months.

Please, let’s try to save our Ashley Pond fish!


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