Letter To The Editor: Sanctuary Schools Vs Rule Of Law In Los Alamos

Los Alamos

I am a law-abiding, tax-paying, God-fearing, loyal citizen of the U. S. A.

I support the rule of law, which is the American way to preserve freedom. Therefore, the resolution passed by the Los Alamos School Board on Oct. 13 regarding privacy of immigration and refugee children bothers me. It goes so far as to indicate specifically that school personnel will not cooperate with the ICE, which is the U. S. agency that guards our country against immigrant law-breakers.

I love America, and I also love children brought to our country by illegal-alien parents. I have helped some to pursue their citizenship.

Our LA schools have, to my knowledge, always treated immigration students just like any other student. Why change our policy now?

Some things that bother me about this resolution are:

1. To make the LA schools a sanctuary law-ignoring area makes our School Board appear to support lawlessness. The member-stated purpose of the School Board is solely education. Unfortunately, one thing this resolution teaches students is that disobeying the law is OK. In addition, it discourages the seeking of citizenship, thereby proclaiming loyalty to our country. Our taxpayer money shouldn’t go to schools that are subverting the rule of law.

2. There is no reference to why their parents come here. Clearly some come because they hate America’s values: they create violence, and their goal is to kill anyone who refuses to bow to their false god. This is a direct refuting of the freedom the true God has given us in America because we have trusted Him and honored His standards of love. Though our current U.S. President is taking steps to get stricter screening of immigrants from countries posing higher security risks, there are millions already here.

3. Thanks to Christian influence in the writing of our U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, all American citizens have equality under the law. It seems that the School Board has forgotten that its responsibility is to preserve liberty and security of all students – not to give special treatment and attention to immigrant students.

I am asking the School Board to withdraw this resolution that undercuts the rule of law.


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