Letter to the Editor: Safety Before Politics

Los Alamos

Wow! … Jaret McDonald supporters … are you serious?! You are putting politics before safety?! 

I saw the postings on Facebook and was appalled by the comments. The Jaret McDonald supporters were criticizing the Los Alamos Daily Post for posting a Safety Alert about a sex offender who recently moved to Los Alamos. This is a SAFETY ALERT not a campaign article.

For those of you who are not on Facebook, the Jaret McDonald supporters were angry with the Los Alamos Daily Post for posting this safety alert. Their comments were asking why the LA Daily Post didn’t just say, “Vote For Lucero,” instead of Safety Alert?

These comments are inappropriate and also a disgrace to the community. I realize that Mr. McDonald does not have children but, whether you do or do not have children, we should all want to keep the children of our community safe.

As a registered Republican I would like to say thank you Sheriff Lucero for doing your job by notifying the community of this child predator. Before you took office, this information was not readily available. You have done a fabulous job in the community. Thank you for making every effort to keep our children safe. Thank you to the Los Alamos Daily Post for doing your job and posting the Safety Alert.

Remember … SAFETY before politics!


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