Letter To The Editor: Saddened We’ve Lost Two Valuable And Involved Members Of Our Community…

Democratic Party of Los Alamos County
I was saddened to read that James Robinson and James Chrobocinski have stepped down from local Republican Party leadership. Saddened, because it appears that they were attacked for their efforts to improve Los Alamos.
While both men hold different views than I do on many issues, I recognize them as valuable and involved members of our community. I have long been impressed with James Robinson’s graciousness when he has run for office or applied for board positions. In addition, I respect Councilor Chrobocinski’s willingness to work with Democratic Councilors to advance issues on which they agree.
One of the great things about our local government is that we have thus far avoided the hyper-partisan gridlock evident in our nation’s capital. We can hold vastly different views on issues and still interact in a respectful and supportive manner. Citizens who step up and volunteer for leadership positions are easy targets. If we allow extreme elements to attack good people who serve, we will not be happy with the people who choose to step up and replace them.
As a proud Democrat, I can tell you that we may have opposing views within our local party, but Democrats are united in supporting principles of equality, opportunity and transparency. Our doors are open. We meet at 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month, UNM-LA Building 05.