Letter To The Editor: Roaming Cats

Los Alamos
Teresa Chagrin recently posted a letter (link) about the “Dangers Of Allowing Cats Outside,” outlining the risks to their health.
But there is another consequence to roaming cats and that is on the bird population. It has been estimated [www.nature.com/articles/ncomms2380] that roaming cats kill more than a billion birds in the US every year; cats have a disastrous impact on birds!
I routinely see cats stalking birds in our neighborhood and have often seen piles of feathers where birds have been killed. It makes me sick to think about how baby birds in a nest will be affected.
According to Animal Control, we have an ordinance regarding “Animals at Large” that says “No person shall allow any animal to roam or stray or to be off the keeper’s premises unless it is at all times under verbal control or physical restraint of a responsible person.”
So, letting your cat roam off your property is not only dangerous to the animal but also against county ordinance.

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