Letter To The Editor: Rickman For County Council

By Mike and Carie Fanning
Los Alamos

We support James Rickman for County Council and wish to put our voices behind what others in our community are saying about him.

The following are reasons members of the community have shared over the past few weeks for voting for Rickman and we quite agree!

  • Experienced leader with a clear vision for Los Alamos County.
  • Understands what makes Los Alamos and White Rock a great place to live and is committed to keeping those qualities intact.

These include:

  • Support of small business endeavors
  • Protection of our treasured open and green spaces
  • Innovative approaches to housing and employment
  • Insurance that our town maintains its character and appeal
  • Capacity to look at issues, listen to public input and use common sense
  • Fair minded, nonjudgmental, well balanced, and caring
  • Articulate, trustworthy, reasonable, transparent, and engaged
  • Can process multiple perspectives on an issue

Previous work as a County Councilor showed he:

  • Dealt with complex Cerro Grande Fire recovery process
  • Demonstrated ability for critical thinking and problem solving
  • Showed willingness to listen in order to understand issues
  • Understands importance of the symbiotic relationship between the Lab and community.
  • Grew up in Los Alamos and has personally observed and experienced long-term changes and the effects on the community.
  • Recognizes the need for some course corrections in County Council actions.

Including need to:

  • Improve transparency and provide a timelier response to issues
  • Improve living conditions for middle income citizens
  • Strive to sustain the natural environment
  • Concerned about the youth and young families of our community.
  • Capable of giving alternative points of view serious consideration.
  • Not afraid to challenge the status quo to learn more.
  • Looks at issues and decisions beyond a “rubber stamp” approach.
  • Isn’t beholden to any specific political doctrine, which is a good thing at the local level.
  • A truly decent human being that cares about Los Alamos.

Join us in supporting James Rickman with your vote for County Council.

Editor’s note: Readers are encouraged to fact check statements made in letters and opinion pieces.


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