Letter To The Editor: Response To ‘You Are What You Eat’

Los Alamos  

Apropos to the letter to Editor titled “You Are What You Eat” by Mr. Mark Devolder of Los Alamos:

It is high time American industrialists, entrepreneurs and businessmen introspect the present situation where a major chunk of products are ‘dumped’ on American consumer by Chinese despite the resources like land, labor, capital, brains and infrastructure being available in USA itself.

I am from India. And as Devolder points out with the well known ‘Dandi Yatra’ (pilgrimage to Dani… for making local salt by Mahathma Gandhi. which was part of India’s swadeshiroughly could be translated to mean national self sufficiency).

Full political patronage (with or without kickbacks) was one of the major reasons for slow ‘swadeshi’ in the first few decades but now this movement is visible and strong enough whereby imports from China is  gradually decreasing and local potential is fully used.

Similarly, if the American political ‘bigwigs’ do feel serious: they can change the scenario as depicted by Devolder within a short time-span thereby saving capital outflow, debt-burden and even health of Americans whether born, immigrated and settled here.

Even the media can play an effective major role in this factual and effective desired ‘switch over’ from Chinese imports to local products.

But is there any one to ‘bell this cat’?


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