Letter To The Editor: Response To Written Communication By Shelbi Simeone-Montoya

Los Alamos

I almost never respond to letters to the editor in any newspaper, but this time I am emailing in response to Ms. Montoya and her recent letter about teaching licensure to strongly suggest she find a good proofreader for her future written communication.

As a former teacher, I longed for a writing conference with her before she hit “send” on her letter, or at the very least, a red pen to correct the many, many grammar, usage and mechanics issues with her letter, not to mention the issues with writing clarity. What a mess!

If you are going to write publicly about what a dedicated, highly qualified, outstanding teacher you are, please take the time to make sure what you have written complies with standard language usage guidelines. Otherwise, it is rather embarrassing to your fellow educators to have your letter as an example of the kind of written language skills you are sharing with your students.