Letter to the Editor: Response To Story About Bob Geyer

Los Alamos
Editor’s note – The author of this letter is a woman and is not to be confused with Assistant Wrestling Coach Jude Montoya.
After reading the story about the complaints that had been filed against Los Alamos High School Head Wrestling Coach Bob Geyer and then reading the letter to the editor regarding those complaints; it is obvious that those who read the story were mislead into thinking that the complaints about Coach Geyer were only about him yelling at the wrestlers … that couldn’t be further from the truth.
I want to clarify that the complaints filed over the last couple of years were not about the productive yelling that goes on to encourage wrestlers, but the vulgar, belittling and making fun of some of the wrestlers was what the complaints were over. Not all of the team experience this, but some do, during practice. 
Some parents knew about it and have tried to put a stop to it and some were not aware. Over the last few years, legitimate complaints were filed with Vicki Nelms, previous sports director for the high school. This year similar complaints were filed with Ann Stewart, current sports director, and yet there are no consequences for Bob Geyer. How does a high school administration allow this? Is it because he has brought the school state champs? Maybe … or maybe it’s because the school administration thinks it’s okay for a coach to tell their wrestlers to remove the d*** from their mouth so he can understand them? Yes, this was said to a wrestler on several occasions and that is only the beginning of the disgusting choice of words the head coach of LAHS wrestling team uses when speaking to his wrestlers. This has to stop. The humiliation has to stop.
After several years of coaching in the district, I’m sure Coach Geyer has made many positive relationships with parents who don’t think he would ever speak to a child that way, and that is why he had so much support in the comments following the story in the Los Alamos Daily Post.
This letter is not to bash Bob Geyer, as I’m sure he is a great person in his off time. The purpose of this letter is to be truthful to the parents of past and present wrestlers. It is important that our High School Administration not allow such behavior from the individuals who are to be teaching our children. Just because the administration can pretend it doesn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 
Assistant Coach Saunders was there to convince wrestlers who didn’t want to come back for another season after finding out that Coach Geyer was returning. Through his earned trust with the wrestlers some returned for another season. It is not Bob Geyer that makes the LAHS wrestling team great, it’s the dedicated wrestlers and team of coaches that does.
LAHS has had and will continue to have a great wrestling team! Only way to keep it that way is to have wrestlers who want to participate in it.
Thank you LA Daily Post for exposing yet another problem the LAHS administration tried to keep secret from parents.

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