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ub dP Letter To The Editor: Response To Spencer Commentary

Letter To The Editor: Response To Spencer Commentary

White Rock

Since Khal Spencer invited “disgruntled” Democrats to weigh in on how the party can win elections again, allow me. I come from generations of Democrats, but am now registered as an Independent. The party left me; I didn’t leave it.

I find it telling that Spencer, in his long list of things the party should do, made no mention of the hottest hot-button issue in recent history: Immigration. That’s critical at a time when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have arrived at a position – as they blame Republicans – that is fundamentally, “It’s absolutely 100 percent our way, or it’s the highway”.

It’s important as “my” party continues to pretend that the war zone that is our southern border – human trafficking, drug smuggling, border guards murdered and the drug cartels running growth industries – is of nowhere near the concern to them as embracing illegal border crossers.

I’d also like to have discussion on how, why and when the Demo’s “turncoat event” occurred. When did “my” party go from – for a century or so – a party firmly aligned on the side of low immigration and tightly restricted immigration, since they were the party that ALWAYS stood for the “little guy”, the poor, minorities and the environment, to what they are today? (Perhaps it was because they have been busier responding to the agenda defined by corporate media than voters?) That, perhaps, falls under what Spencer alludes to: far left, extremist views dominating the party, and from what I can tell, a party that no longer has any grasp of its responsibility to represent not just Wall Street, Wall Street’s media and other open-border advocates, but the wishes of a MAJORITY of the American people. 

It is also obligated to offer an alternative to the Republican party. Currently, both are too aligned with business, the economy, Wall Street. Of note, problems really seemed to begin when Bill Clinton decided Democrats had to be, like Republicans, friendlier to business.

I’d also like to know where is the voice of “my” party, the Democrats, on fixing our broken nation? Who is going to lead to fix the dangerous Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling? Who is going to ask, “We deregulated electronic media, with removal of the Fairness Doctrine and who can own media, in the 1980s and 1990s? Is that working and if not, how do we fix it?” And, who – I hear no voice from the Demos – is going to ask why our nation, doing so well in the 1960s and 1970s, seems to be failing, languishing and struggling in so many ways, a nation, incidentally, that then had low immigration, a focus on our own poor and, not incidentally, rising wages due to labor shortages. But then, it was also a nation not awash in cheap Chinese imports as Congress pretended everything was hunky dory.

And, I’m sorry, this business of endlessly blaming the Republicans is a cop out. Let Republicans answer for Republicans. Demos need to answer for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

As surprising as it might be to Demos, most of us are not overly preoccupied with gay, lesbian and transgender issues. We’re concerned about earning a living, paying a mortgage and trying to figure out how to help our kids pay for college. We’re also rather concerned that once they get that pricey education, there might not be jobs for them, in this a nation with stagnating wages, a struggling middle class and a growing fear the future will be worse, not better.

It is said that those who forget their history are destined to relive it. It might be said too that those who forget history, might just get it wrong. That so many Americans seem totally unaware that Democrats – Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Steward Udall, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and others – were once firmly and outspokenly for low immigration and the rule-of-law when it comes to our borders is shocking. What’s more shocking is that it’s happened – largely as the corporate media distracted us and constructed another “reality” – absent anyone noticing. But then, too, most Americans are unaware the labor activist Cesar Chavez, desperate to stop the flood from south of the border, offered the United Farm Workers to help patrol the border-this as media absurdly call him an “immigrant-rights advocate”.

If you doubt the Demos views on immigration in the past, I urge you to read the Jordan Commission report. Headed by black, liberal Congresswoman Barbara Jordan – who in her summation sounded a whole lot like Donald Trump today – the commission was appointed by Bill Clinton in the 1990s to study illegal immigration. Jordan, with her own roots deep in Texas poverty, was firm that those “who should be here be allowed to stay and those who should not should be made to leave”.

Also, there was the Clinton Council on Sustainability which warned that immigration should “never” be allowed to fuel U.S. growth and that immigration decisions should be based on that context. Instead, today immigration drives 82 percent of U.S. growth and a virtual population explosion that means in many recent years we were one of just 8 nations (all the rest, poor and developing nations) fueling HALF OF ALL GROWTH on the planet!

If it doesn’t concern you that the immigration debate is happening devoid of any acknowledgement of population, demographics or their implications, then perhaps you should also read the Rockefeller Commission report of 1972, a bipartisan, calm, objective look at the implications to our nation if we ever “risked” become 300 million. We did just that in 2006 and today are already at over 325 million! The commission warned of other things we have today: failing education, crumbling infrastructure, failing medicine, worsening environmental struggles and a declining standard of living, especially for the poor and the middle class. They also warned of resource shortages, like perhaps, water in the Southwest, the fastest growing region of this, one of the world’s fastest growing nations and with reservoirs in crisis.

So, how did we go from that – both Democrats and Republicans – concerned about immigration’s impact on our nation, with their eye on the ball that immigration must always benefit the nation first and foremost, to where we are today, with Schumer and Pelosi saying give us D.A.C.A. period, we will give nothing in return? We will give you nothing but ever more immigration and certainly never anything to heal a bleeding border.

For years, amnesties for illegal border crossers have been proposed, and each time, the amnesties – a staggering 7 since 1986 – were finally passed with promises that we’d fix a broken border, the lack of enforcement against employers who hire illegal border crossers and chain migration, where one family member enters with his or her entire extended family given priority to enter over others, including some who’ve been waiting long and patiently.

That’s how we have gotten ourselves into immigration often higher than even the Great Wave of 1880 to 1920 – when the American people demanded it be slashed from 2 million and 3 million a year to a sensible 200,000 a year. Today’s, what I call the Great Tsunami of Immigration, since about 1990, has often rivaled that, although it’s currently simmered down to a “mere” 1.4 million a year, LEGAL immigrants. Illegal is still an unknown number. (See broken border above.)

But, while reluctant, despite it being yet another amnesty, many Americans are willing to accept D.A.C.A. as fair to those who did not ask to be brought here as children and whom we paid to educate. But we also are eager that this will FINALLY BE THE LAST AMNESTY.

For me to come back to the party my parents, grand-parents and great-grandparents belonged to before me, I need to know where Pelosi’s and Schumer’s agenda fits the well-being of our own poor or an environment being sucker punched by our current population explosion. (We still have, by a huge margin, the highest per-capita carbon footprint – yes, FAR above China’s.)

Tonight, if I’m dumb enough to turn on the evening news, I’ll be indoctrinated and distracted, more than informed. I will, in the words of Captain Sully Sullenberger, listen to media who “incite more than inform”. I no longer bother to write my elected officials, as I can’t bear to receive back another form letter that tells me they didn’t even read my letter, perhaps because, thanks to Citizen’s United, they no longer work for me but instead for those who finance their campaigns, in short, Wall Street.

So, I guess my take on it is that if Demos want to win elections again, they need to act like Democrats again, get busy if not fixing our nation at least using their voice to focus on why it’s broken and lobbying as hard for reform as they lobby for illegal border crossers.

And they need to worry as much about our own downtrodden as about the 7 billion people who will come here if Demos keep believing, “The more the merrier!” They need to assure me this will be the last amnesty and that they work for me and all other Americans, not just for Wall Street’s cheap-labor agenda, for Wall Street’s media and for those – including the Mexican drug cartel – who do not want borders at all.