Letter To The Editor: Response To Roundabout

Los Alamos
About a year ago I wrote a letter to all of the Los Alamos County Council and Atomic City Transit. I received no reply from anyone.
I was appalled at the fact that these councilors are elected “at large”, which means they are responsible to everyone but in reality “no one”.
My father was a city councilman in Indianapolis for 32 years, which has discreet districts and they are directly liable to their 100,000 plus constituents. The editor added a note to a recent letter that said it was NMDOT that was building the roundabout, not LA county. I agree with the defendants defense of the eminent domain claim.
The point I was trying to make is that no one has considered the massive amount of oversized ACT busses that will be trying to negotiate a little roundabout. At my last count, there are 23 oversized ACT busses making many trips not to mention the 20+ school busses doing the same thing.
I’ve heard no discussion of how this over bussed system will impede traffic through the most populous route in and out of town.
Someone needs to make the point of all of the busses coming and going from the Pajarito Cliffs site before we let the State tell us how our roads need to be configured.