Letter To The Editor: Response To Republican Party Of New Mexico Statement On FBI Raid On Trump Mar-A-Lago Residence

Los Alamos

Chairman Steve Pearce of the Republican Party in New Mexico issued a tone-deaf response to the recent FBI raid on Trump’s residence.

His response does not represent the thoughts and values of this 31+ year Republican (much longer than Trump ever was) and individual with a criminal justice background.  Pearce has completely glossed over the fact that Trump previously surrendered from his personal possession 15 BOXES of documents that belong to the US government.

Let that soak in.

I cannot begin to fathom the number of man hours spent sifting through files to take home 15 boxes after leaving office (imagine if that happened at LANL).

This is theft of government property, at a minimum, for which any other person would have been arrested on the spot. The search and seizure of any other government documents in Trump’s possession was warranted by his own actions. Period. He should not get a free pass because others did not get caught or prosecuted. Let the justice system do its job.


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