Letter To The Editor: Response To Mr. Whiteside’s Column

Los Alamos

Whiteside: “LAMC Never Declines to Participate” (link)

I wanted to thank Mr. Whiteside for his February 10 column in the LADP: “LAMC Never Declines to Participate”. In fact, during such extraordinary times, I would welcome Mr. Whiteside’s communicating more with us about the work of the LAMC.

In addition, I must thank Mr. Whiteside for the role that the LAMC has played in vaccinating healthcare workers.

I also appreciate, despite the title of the article, that Mr. Whiteside did indicate the limited role that the LAMC is willing to play in the county’s vaccination efforts. I only wish that Mr. Whiteside had been clearer about why the LAMC is unwilling to participate in the broader vaccine effort, as so many healthcare providers in New Mexico are doing.

Perhaps the community could be more understanding of LAMC’s position if it better understood the rationale for it.