Letter To The Editor: Response To Mr. Nebel & Citizens

Los Alamos
Yes Mr. Nebel, the free way to know the law is to READ the law for yourself as opposed to having a patronage politician like the AG read it for you (link). Which by the way the AG, a patronage politician (by your definition) does not testify in court and legally only issues guidance for state and local government bodies. I would welcome the county to request such an opinion from the patronage AG since the council, patronage politicians, refuse to believe their own attorney, a patronage position, and the AG’s already investigating my criminal complaints anyway.
The Only opinion that counts, unless the council decides to follow the law, abolish the optional patronage police and transfer all personnel and duties to the mandatory Sheriff Department, is the Appellate and Supreme Courts. Who do their own research as well as listen to arguments but pay no attention to AG opinions (find a case law where they cite an AG opinion).
If anyone out there would actually look up any of the references I have provided in the past, the argument would be over.
The duties of the Sheriff are outlined in the Constitution and statutes! The ordinance referenced actually proves the council action last year was illegal and a violation of their oath of office, which will result in jail time for the current and past councilors who passed it and probably also for the county manager and police chief who illegally implemented it as they had a legal duty to refuse to act illegally. Since the manager is also the treasurer, I’ve requested a full state audit based on the illegal activities.
I believe you meant to reference Charter Sec. 304 not 303, which is completely illegal as it conflicts with the Charter, which clearly starts off saying that it and any ordinances are subordinate to the Constitution and statutes. Which clearly state police are optional – Sheriffs are not. Including Constitution Article 10, Sec. 4, 5 & 6. Not to mention case law, the only opinion that counts,
I’m really failing to understand why people in the most educated county in the world refuse to educate themselves and spout ignorant, moot and just plain silly stances. We already have the corruption some want to accuse the Sheriff of when a citizen who holds no government office either elected or hired can order the police chief, a patronage position, to violate the law and he obeys.
And what the heck does the National Guard have to do with any of this??? Who said what about them???
Unless it’s graft type corruption, it’s the NM State Police and/or The Justice Dept who investigate the police for criminal violations without personal gain, as legally defined, Not the FBI even though the FBI is a branch of the Justice Dept. You should actually read all the information you cite. They do take the initial complaint. FBI politicians, Justice Dept. police criminal violations. Like the completely illegal MOU between the LAPD and SF Seriff. But the problem isn’t so much the patronage position police as it’s the patronage council who want to run the town like a small southern town from the 1950’s. Me thinks thou dost protest too much Mr. Nebel about patronage politicians who don’t exist while ignoring the ones in our midst.
And exactly what “expense” are you talking about? Would it be following the rule of law!
Seriously I wish people would educate themselves just a little bit before writing letters full of wrong information, hyperbole and fake facts. I love a good debate. I’ve even been known to agree with my enemies or even change my mind. But at the moment I’m having a battle of wits with unarmed people. PLEASE I beg of you, arm yourselves with some actual legal position and facts. As Monk says,”I could be wrong – but I don’t think so”. Because I have actual facts anyone can read for themselves. Which I wish you would.