Letter To The Editor: Response To Mr. Izraelevitz ‘Confronting Mistaken Allegiance’

White Rock

If all the emphasis is on what happened on January 6, a lot of people are missing the point!

I don’t personally know anyone who truly “likes Trump”, or approves of his bombastic personality, his endless “tweets”, and other annoyances.

When I voted for President Trump back in 2016, I wasn’t voting for someone I would like to invite for dinner. I voted against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats’ tendencies to embrace Socialism, even when they don’t call it that.

My first reaction to the “I hate Trump!” crowd was to understand that many of them have secure jobs or secure retirement, good medical care, and realistically no worries about their personal well-being. In short, they have it good when the economy is good, and they have it good when the economy is bad.

All those millions of people who voted for President Trump in his bid for reelection appreciate record low unemployment figures; the effort to keep Americans and American jobs safe from unbridled illegal immigration; energy independence from foreign powers; a reluctance to trample the moral convictions of people who believe this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles that need to be upheld and nurtured.

Those who invaded the Capitol on January 6 weren’t speaking for me, or for any right-thinking American who has great faith in our country, regardless of what political hacks are currently in charge. I don’t think they were even speaking for President Trump. Nevertheless, their foolishness does not provide a valid excuse for someone who doesn’t want to see a Trump sign in my yard or elsewhere. Nor does it render invalid the advances our country made in the years of the Trump presidency.

I acknowledge that some of what I see as positives may be seen by others as negatives. That is because this is America! No matter for which candidate you voted!

Editor’s note: Find the link to Izraelevitz letter: “Confronting Mistaken Allegiance” here.