Letter to the Editor: Request Herbicides Not Be Sprayed In Our Area

Los Alamos
Hello Nancy (Talley at County),

My husband and I are chemically sensitive and request, as in the past, that herbicides not be sprayed in our area. You should make an announcement that residents can request that herbicides not be sprayed near their homes. In addition, you should be putting out signs in advance of any spraying, so that people, their children and pets can
avoid the area.

How will water used for cleanup of equipment be disposed? Will applicators be protected?
How do you reconcile the use of bromacil (Hyvar) with DuPont’s instructions on the Hyvar X-L label:

  • Do not use HYVAR X-L in residential areas or around homes in areas such as lawns, driveways, or parking lots.
  • Do not use Hyvar X_L in recreational areas such as bike, jogging or golf cart paths, tennis courts, or in areas where landscape plantings could be anticipated.
This product is banned in several counties in California and Florida.

Many beekeepers believe that Roundup is strongly connected with the colony collapse disorder in honeybees.

The facts about Glyphosate (Roundup)are summarized in the Journal of Pesticide Reform website: http://www.pesticide.org/get-the-facts/pesticide-factsheets/factsheets/glyphosate

Please take a look at this website for evidence of the harm that herbicides do. In addition, alternatives to the products are discussed. Our county needs to consider health effects of any products it uses. Parks, the golf course, and LAPS need to be involved in a coordinated, comprehensive effort to protect public health by using
safe methods of pest control.

Los Alamos, like many other communities, could become pesticide free. Many Los Alamos residents are concerned about this issue. I would be glad to help in development of a plan since all citizens should be represented.

I would appreciate your immediate response to my request.

Thank you for your consideration.


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