Letter To The Editor: Repudiate Disrespectful Negative Campaign

Los Alamos
Unless you actually want to see more negative, disrespectful, campaigns in Los Alamos, please reject Lisa Shin. Her recent barrage of mailers are just the sort of ugly tactics we all loathe in national campaigns: demonizing reasonable differences of opinion rather than merely disagreeing with sound arguments.
Ad hominem adjectives and grotesque photos of opponents. Duplicitous sound bite summaries twisting opponents positions. And perhaps most alarming about her state of mind are the the ludicrous hagiographies masquerading as legitimate daily-post news that make you certain her self-image is frighteningly inflated and unaware of its dismissiveness of other viewpoints. In this bitterness and self-righteousness, she demonstrates a deep deficit in the qualities necessary to be a “representative” and that she is simply on her own agenda.
I’m not arguing here about whether to agree or disagree with her positions. I’m here to say it will be very sad to reward this sort of political hackery. Los Alamos is a town where people can think, and vitriolic rhetoric really needs to be repudiated not rewarded. There’s plenty of more reasonable people who can do justice to her policy positions both in Los Alamos and throughout the State senate but we must exclude her, personally, from office.
Please vote NO on Lisa Shin. It’s important that she not just lose, but lose decisively, unless you want to invite invasions of national antipathy into our local politics.