Letter To The Editor: Reply To Senator Heinrich

Los Alamos

Sen. Martin Heinrich predicts doom if drilling in the arctic for oil is permitted (link). He uses amazing statistics from the Department of Interior to back up this claim.

Evidently there is a 75 percent chance of a 42,000-gallon spill. Let’s pretend to be rational. Assume this to be true. How large is the arctic?

Will 42,000 gallons have any impact! No!

US underwater drilling for oil began in 1891, approximately 126 years ago. Notice that the oceans are devastated. Notice that there are no fish left, no living things can exist in that black tarry mess that used to be saltwater. Next time you are near an ocean or the great lakes jump on in and judge for yourself.

It’s a heck of a of lot more than 42,000 gallons.