Letter To The Editor: Renovation Of Downtown Los Alamos

Los Alamos

After reading the latest edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post (link) regarding the Council Session with suggestions for the use of the Reel Deal Theater, I was appalled by the suggestion that the Theater be made into a storage unit!

The last thing this town needs is a storage unit right adjacent to our library, Demo Garden and beautiful Ashley Pond!

We need attractions for our community residence, as well as vacationers, in our little gem of a city nestled next to the Jemez Mountains.

I am suggesting that we renovate the Theater into a Hands-On Children’s Museum similar to the one in Santa Fe. The possibilities for what can be incorporated inside the Theater for enjoyment as well as educational for our youth and adults are endless.

The Mezzanine can be converted into a retail business complimentary to the museum’s exhibitions bringing tax dollars into the county.

Please, please councilors let’s not turn this once productive downtown area into a wasteland bedroom community. That goes for the old CB Fox building as well.


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