Letter To The Editor: Reminder To All To Be Vigilant

Los Alamos

Dear Motorists,

This is a facebook entry posted today, July 19, by my daughter who lives in Albuquerque. She and her husband bike to work. Fortunately most of the way is along bike paths but there are still streets to cross and in some places streets to ride. Drivers are incredibly oblivious to what is around them. I think this is a reminder to all of us to be vigilant for cyclists, pedestrians, and motor cycles. We don’t need any more white ghost bikes as a memorial to a killed cyclist. Accept for a second’s difference that could have been our family.



“I got 2 thumbs up from the crossing guards on my bright yellow socks while biking today. Unfortunately that did not stop the person in the black suburban from fully running the red light to make a right turn. I saw you, you didn’t even look my way. It didn’t stop the person in the white minivan from rolling 1/2 way through the intersection before stopping. I was watching what you might do. Ralph’s flashing lights didn’t stop a car from HITTING him yesterday. Ok to be fair it was more of a brush, but 1/2 a seconds difference could have meant death. The driver never showed any recognition that he was there or that he had hit him and just kept driving. I am trying to follow the rules of the road, please keep an eye out for me and other cyclists.”