Letter To The Editor: Re: Proposal For Workable Firearms Transfer Background Check Law

Los Alamos
In Mr. Spencer’s letter to the editor, “Proposal for Workable Firearms Transfer Background Check Law,” he suggests the following.  
“3. Therefore, the State of New Mexico should create the mechanism whereby any private party selling or transferring a gun can voluntarily obtain a free, instant background check through the State (perhaps the Dept. of Public Safety, DPS) or a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). Details to be worked out and could entail:…  4. If money is an issue, some sort of cost share out of general funds and a 1 percent excise tax on ammunition could be considered.”
Free services! Great idea, Mr. Spencer, except when you call something “free” but propose to pay for whatever that something is with “general funds” or an excise tax, it is not “free.” 
Anything involving interactions with a human being who must be paid a wage for their services is not going to be “free.” Free health care, free education, and free background checks all sound great. However, someone, somewhere is paying for it. They are called taxpayers. Make your proposals and share your opinions as is your right. I’m against a universal background check bill, and you are obviously for it. 
I’m happy to listen and consider your opinions and proposals. Don’t call them “free.”

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