Letter To The Editor: Re-Elect Alan S. Kirk For Los Alamos Municipal Judge

By Rita C. Sánchez 
Los Alamos Teacher

I would like to encourage you to vote to re-elect Judge Alan S. Kirk. Alan is running for his sixth term as Municipal Judge in Los Alamos County.

My association with Coach Kirk has mainly been where kids are concerned.

The Governor of New Mexico appointed Judge Kirk to the Juvenile Advisory Council for the Children, Youth and Families Department. During this time, he was instrumental in the establishment of our own JJAB; Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. JJAB focuses on prevention and intervention.

Jude Kirk also was appointed to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. The mission of the NCJFCJ committee is to help improve the lives of families and children who seek justice.

The Teen Center here in Los Alamos also is one of Judge Kirk’s “pet projects”. Where would we be without the Teen Center?

Judge Kirk also was instrumental in the establishment of our Teen Court, the local probation program, the community service program, and many other youth related programs.

Judge Kirk has served the Los Alamos community for more than 60 years. He served as our police chief and has been our judge for more than 20 years.  I got to know him when he was coaching basketball at Los Alamos High School. We became friends and because of his interest and concern for the youth of Los Alamos, we continued to work together. He got me involved in many non-school related activities.

Our children are our future and Alan Kirk is concerned about and committed to Los Alamos. Please vote Alan S. Kirk for Municipal Judge.