Letter To The Editor: Quoting Tweets And So Much More…

By “That” Concerned Citizen Again
Los Alamos

Mr. Visel, I am glad that we agree on the importance of the First Amendment for this country. However, I take exceptions to some statements in your letter (link).

It is telling that you complain about biased reporting of exactly the same “mainstream” media, as our president. You could as well just have posted Mr. Trump’s tweets. If this is your reliable source of news, than we already disagree here. His tweets for years have been proven (by facts) as rarely being truthful or respectful … but we have the First Amendment, so I guess this is ok.

Let us take a look at news and “Fake News” in particular. News are supposed to report what happens, and in the history of this country have demonstrated an important role as fact checkers. This typically is done by the mainstream media that have the resources to check or look into prior reporting that might or might not confirm more recent news. These media generally do a good job, with slight biases in line with their known leanings. Sometimes they make a mistake and sometimes they correct or even apologize, if they do err. The “Fake News” discussion is a different one. It describes an increased style of reporting that intentionally presents half-truth, lies or conspiracy theories with the goal discrediting certain parts of the population, political leanings or other contested views.”Fake News” is not the right description for news that are inconvenient to the criticized. Unfortunately the new administration uses a lot of lies and disrespectful language that results in critical reporting by the mainstream media. The majority of these critical reports present facts (very often prior twitter statements by the president that are public records). Mr Trump describes those critical reports wrongfully as “Fake News” and you seem to agree with this use of the expression. I disagree based on the “pre-Trump area” definitions of the words “fake” and “inconvenient”.

My last comment is on your statement “they didn’t like their candidate losing to Donald Trump and will continue to use smear tactics against him and all his Cabinet Picks.” I guess you have this wrong. The people opposing the new president have accepted his election, it has not been contested by any relevant group in this society (proven fact). The reason for criticism (besides wrong information) is that with him being the elected president come expectations for his actions. He is not meeting those in the views of a lot of Americans and thus he is challenged for not being the president for all Americans that he promised to be.

In summary: Quoting tweets by Mr. Trump as credible news sources is not credible, using the proper meaning of words in the English language makes a stronger argument when criticizing local institutions, and last but not least, I wish that you would “up” your expectations of our president, as this would be a better basis for quality discussions in this community for a better America.