Letter To The Editor: Questioning Lisa Shin’s Ethics

Los Alamos
I was dismayed when I thought that the Los Alamos Daily Post had “endorsed” Lisa Shin by their publication of the “free” issue of the “The Los Alamos Post” (TLAP).
This self aggrandizement issue certainly is not becoming Lisa. I spent several minutes trying to locate who paid for this political advertisement. I located it in tiny print on the next to last page.
The Sept. 27 issue of the Los Alamos Daily Post carries a column (link) rebutting and clarifying that they did not endorse Lisa and stating that newspaper ethics were abridged.
I wonder if the TLAP byline materials contained herein were created out of whole cloth and thus how much should be included in the “Alternate Truth” category. It makes me wonder if Lisa were to be elected, that we should expect more ethical breaches and alternate truth in Santa Fe.

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