Letter to the Editor: Put Better Thought to Historic District

By Linda Goforth
Co-founder, Fuller Lodge/Historic District Advisory Board

I attended the meeting tonight (Nov. 14) of the 90 percent stage of drawn planning for the updated Ashley Pond.

The plans are approved by the County Council about 90 percent to 10 percent interest in the actual maintenance of the Historic District as it should be considered, with native plants of the Jemez Mountains only, cattails, moss, certain grasses, and only the kind of fish that would be found in a pond in the Jemez.

It seems that no one has asked the Game and Fish Department to stock it with the Rainbow and Brown Trout that co-exist with native cutthroat, or if they think it should be allowed its fair share of “crawdads” as we used to call them up here.

It will have boardwalks that look at the wetlands from the water side and wider sidewalks with a rustic look except for the things that are in the front yards of people who came from some where else.

Much of what is used will be metal and durable and the look will be lovely and modern.

The view of the Lodge from the pond is less and less notable though the two are of one history. This was purposely done as a part of making view sheds, which are not appropriate in the situation we find here.

No time in history did the WWII activities become so separate of the homestead era and ranch school era especially, that this small district should have tight view sheds.

All that is there co-existed during the Cold War years. They co-exist now in the everyday jaunts that people take to refresh their minds in the mountain air that has been just high enough not to become desert air during the drought.

The entire district has common eras of history. Perhaps the library should have its view shed from the Historical District, and the new and proud Judicial Complex is quite a statement of today and the changes in the town, so it should have its view shed, apart of the Historic District.

Eventually the Post Office will be on the Historic Register as we have support and experts still working on that with myself and others who are helping in the understanding of its history and Architect and the architectural importance, not to mention the fact of its being our first post war post office.

It has been our only true post office since the Los Alamos Ranch School had one. The philosophy of what it is to maintain a sense of history and authenticity must be adhered to when there is property set aside for that purpose.

It sacrifices nothing if it is compliant, and sacrifices education and appreciation of our community individuality if it is not compliant.

The pond will not be compliant when it is finished being improved. It will be complex, busy with additives, and will have little to offer to any memory.

Since the ducks are all male now, and cannot fly from the coyotes who will frequent the wetland shelter successfully, I suggest we improve the improvements and give the ducks away so that ducks that fly can find a home here.

They will learn to have little ducks for the young at heart to love, and will protect them as they see fit, where they want. This will be a remnant of authenticity to keep.

Russ Gordon and his fans are so happy for the stage and the setting, and it was for the Council to decide where the stage would go, facing the music away from residences, and thinking as much as they could about the many people they wanted to please.

His is one of the truly successful ventures we can look to in a time of recession. It is also one that can move with the increase in demand, or change in other factors that may come with new
building in the downtown and musical chairs of businesses. (No pun intended)

Please do not pick on the joy that is jumping out over the stage. But I beg of this community to put better thought to the future of the Historic District as a contiguous one.

Thank you.


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