Letter To The Editor: ‘PTSD And Cannabis Use’

By Roy M. Moore
Los Alamos
In 1968 I spent the year in Vietnam where I played clarinet in the Marine Corps Band. I never had to shoot anyone, but I stood guard almost every night during that year.
The bunkers were manned by two men, so one stayed on guard for two hours and then woke the other to stand the next guard so the first could sleep. For almost my entire life, I have been on guard duty (the residents of LA should feel safe at least half the night) meaning that I still never sleep more than two hours at a time, with rare exceptions. Although I know a lot of veterans have suffered far worse than me, my particular burden has been this nightly ritual, which would have killed most people.
In the old days it was called “shell shock,” but now it is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and if you look among the sidewalks of America, you will find many of my comrades laying about, homeless or on very harmful drugs that help them forget. But cannabis is different in that it helps you deal with what you remember, a much healthier state. I have used it for decades to solve my problems of not only PTSD but the pain from arthritis and an operation I had several years ago which has left my whole right side a plethora of problems.
The only time I tried to measure how much I use, I came up with a figure of about an ounce a week, since I have been using it for almost 50 years and I have to consume it 24 hours a day to make it through the endless nights. I suspect I use a little more in the winter, when I also have to deal with seasonal depression, and a little less in the spring, summer, and fall when I can be out hiking on the trails more often. I’m sure that I use more than most people.
It was claimed in court that I had so much cannabis that one could not walk through my house, although the evidence and those present know this is not true.
Everything growing was in my small greenhouse (6’X12′), including many other plant types, and one could walk through it. I had two plants, which with the pots, were about 4 to 5 feet high. It took me over 5 months to grow these two plants, which would only have produced about 2 ounces each of medical grade cannabis, since the lower buds don’t get enough sunlight to mature fully and thus were not medical grade.
Only the top buds get enough sunlight to develop fully and 4 more of the plants confiscated were even older, as the tops had been cut off and I was trying an experiment to see if I could make these lower buds medical quality by leaving them to grow an additional 2 months, making these plant over 7 months of work, with little medical quality cannabis as the labor of all my work. These plants were about 2 feet high and would have added not more than an ounce a piece, assuming my experiment worked and they did end up producing medical quality cannabis.
None of the rest of my plants were blooming or over 1 foot high and most of the rest were under two inches. Since quality medical grade cannabis is not grown from seeds, but from clones made of the original mother plant, I had just started 16 clones which had not yet rooted and therefore were not even plants yet.
They would have taken me through the summer, which is a period that I cannot mature or bloom cannabis because it only blooms in short light cycles such as in the fall of the year. My intentions was that all of this was grown for my medical needs and that it wouldn’t be enough to last me through the summer until fall, when new buds would be maturing. By the actions of this seizure, I lost about 20 years of work, evolving a sub-species that met my needs for medical relief, but a strain that did not cloud my mind, making it possible for me to continue my work in philosophy. Once cannabis is legal, I had hoped to give this extraordinary plant to all humanity.
I believe that the number and quality of my plants was in full agreement with the Compassionate Cannabis Act, which allows me to grow enough to meet my needs, even though the rules have been made without the complete knowledge of how the plant grows. I had a medical grow card that had expired, and as a Vietnam Veteran on Social Security, I just didn’t have the money to renew this card when it came time. I want to thank my neighbors, who offered to pay to renew my card and provide me transportation to Albuquerque, once they understood the nature of my problem.
It seems to me that the world needs to start making smart decisions to solve the problems that face us. When we need renewable oil, we outlaw natural sources like cannabis and instead rape mother Earth retrieving oils that are polluting people and planet alike. We refuse to move to a spiritual or a renewable hydrogen society, which seem to me to be very smart moves. Maybe we should examine our entire system of government and those people we elect to office to make sure they are the smartest and the best that humanity has to offer. I don’t understand how society can keep making stupid laws that are more concerned with the appearance of reality, than reality itself.
Problem: The world needs cheap building materials, a renewable source of oil, and effective medicines that have no harmful side effects, treat a wide variety of illnesses, and are low in cost.
Solution. Legalize cannabis. The oil from cannabis seeds is one of the richest sources of food grade, high quality, non cannabanoid, oil on Earth. I have read this plant produces more oil per acre than any other. The plant fibers can be used to make anything from 2X4’s to car bodies, and again, make a large amount of fiber per acre. Although George Washington used cannabis, since it has been illegal, the Federal Government has marked it as a Type 1 drug, meaning there is no use and therefore no one can even study it. Since the legalization in Colorado, much research has been done and the results go far beyond even my expectations. Cures for cancer, epilepsy and some childhood diseases have been discovered, although much work is still to be done.
The reason it is so effective is that our bodies were made to be controlled by cannabanoids, as there are receptors in every organ of the human body, with the exception of the autonomous nervous system, which is why there is no lethal dose. Modern scientists are now calling it the endo-cannabanoid system (endocrine-cannabanoid), as these molecules seem to be the control system of the human body. Cannabis may solve so many problems by adding cannabanoids that are missing in one or more organs, therefore restoring their normal function from an abnormal state. Also, there seems to be no interaction between different cannabanoids as they evolved together as a group and each one “knows” it purpose and doesn’t interfere with other cannabanoids doing other jobs.
Problem: The world needs to move to a spiritual society.
Solution: The gravionic model of spiritual and physical systems, the first scientific model which merges science and spirituality. Every first grader on Earth should be taught gravionic science and that all energies transfer through the connections of gravity, including the energies of their mortal bodies and eternal spirits.
They should then be taught the physics of the Golden Rule, that they have a responsibility to all other human beings to follow three simple rules as they progress through their lives:
  • Take time each day to replenish your spiritual energies by whatever method works for you, such as exerciser, religion, spiritual connections, etc.
  • Give energy to others when you have extra.
  • Never take energy from another human being without their awareness and permission.
Problem: The world needs a cheap source of non-polluting, renewable energy to power our society and eliminate one of the major causes of war, the fight over energy.
Solution: Move to a renewable hydrogen society. See my previous writings on this issue.
Moore later, if it be the will of God and The Post.

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