Letter To The Editor: Protecting Party Line Instead Of School Funding


Los Alamos

I heard about the recent vote Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard made to take away $25 million from New Mexico public schools. This vote seemed inconsistent with her promise to protect education funding during the special session, so I decided to watch a video of the committee hearing and see what actually happened.

 I am very troubled by what I saw. It seems that Rep. Garcia Richard initially voted to table the bill in question, Senate Bill 10, but when she saw that all of her Democrat colleagues voted to support the bill, she changed her vote.

 This bill would have taken over $265,000 from Los Alamos Public Schools. What is more important to Rep. Garcia Richard, representing her district or protecting the party line?

 We need representatives that can think for themselves, independent of party instructions. We don’t need representatives who make empty promises or tell us one thing and then vote the opposite way when it matters.

It’s time to hold our representatives accountable for their actions in the Legislature. I’m voting for Sharon Stover because I know she’ll always put the interests of district ahead of party politics.
I encourage all voters to watch the video of the committee hearing. You can see it here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/91847655.