Letter to the Editor: Protect Our House

By Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M.

I urge you to vote and to vote for Stephanie Garcia Richard for State Representative.

For a long time, our State has avoided much of the partisan politics that have divided our Nation.

With this election, things have obviously changed.

Our State is no longer shielded from third party groups infiltrating our elections, our legislature, and our local governments.

Out-of-state corporations have learned one thing over the last decade: to have influence you must control members of the state legislature.

This election is about more than just getting a good friend elected or voting party line. This election is about stopping outside influence in our State.

These outside groups will put corporate profits above the interests of hard working New Mexicans, threaten women’s reproductive rights, and dismantle environmental protections.

I ask you to join me in electing a good representative by voting for Stephanie Garcia Richard for House District 43.


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