Letter to the Editor: Protect Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks

By Kay Ortega
Los Alamos

We are all proud of the characteristics that make us unique; we should have the same pride for the characteristics that differentiate New Mexico from other states.

One such feature is the Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks, a series of mountain ranges in the southern part of our state. This unique habitat provides a stunning backdrop for the New Mexican wilderness and the city of Las Cruces.

Unfortunately, Congressman Steve Pearce’s HR 995 will reduce the amount of protected land and remove protection from this valuable area. Losing these fortifications could open up the area to harmful human behavior, resulting in a loss of biodiversity and cultural history. Rio Grande del Norte was recently designated as a national monument; we should support the same protection for the Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks.

I urge Congress to take this information to heart when considering HR 995.



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