Letter To The Editor: Proposed Tennis Court Construction

Los Alamos
In the past week or so, there was a letter describing why Urban Park would not be a good location for additional tennis courts.
The reasons given were sound. The letter suggested the Western Area would be a better choice. I beg to differ with that opinion.
Several years ago, playground equipment was removed from the Western Area Park on land adjacent to the existing, High School tennis courts. What remains on this former play area is a copse of stately Ponderosa pine trees that probably pre-date Los Alamos. Would these trees be felled for the new courts?
This open area portion of the Western Area Park is well-used by residents of the neighborhood, and it would be a shame to remove it for the addition of more tennis courts (and lighting?). I’d offer open space on North Mesa as a possible location if more courts are deemed a necessity. Are they really?