Letter To The Editor: Pro-Life Is Much More Than Anti-Abortion

Los Alamos
For most of my 73 years, I’ve listened to an almost continual rant for or against abortion. Now the Texas case in the Supreme Court has brought it again to the front. This summer in Maine I read a very interesting letter in the Boothbay Register and wrote a response to the Register.
I will attempt to write the gest of these two Letters; the first letter:
Pro-Life means nurturing, providing moral guidance, helping learn to walk, talk, make decisions, helping with homework, providing funds for college, i.e. providing a sound basis for life. Anti-abortion is a copout, it abrogates the true meaning of being a parent and guide. Remember the old saw; ‘give them roots and wings.’
My reply, complimented by neighbors and friends, was basically to praise the previous letter and add:
If you’re against abortion, DON’T HAVE ONE! Stop trying to force your religion down my and others throats. Freedom of speech does not give one the right to shout, FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER, WHEN THERE IS NO FIRE. Yes, freedom of speech and religion give you the right to espouse your views, BUT IT SHOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO ATTEMPT TO PASS LAWS BASED ON YOUR FAITH. This should also apply to the bishops and priests who lobby for laws to outlaw abortion and contraception for faith-based organizations.