Letter To The Editor: A Practical Solution To Policing In Los Alamos

Los Alamos

I’ve recently been digging into the issues of policing in America and found some startling data. Police departments around the nation are siphoning funds on the taxpayers dime, and Los Alamos is no different!

According to the budget proposal for the 2020 fiscal year, the LAPD budget was close to TEN MILLION DOLLARS ($9,380,867 to be exact)!

When I first saw this outrageous number, I was shocked. For a town with little to no crime, we could certainly do without this unnecessary expense. I took the liberty of figuring out how much money could be saved by switching to an alternative.

According to multiple sources online, hiring a mercenary for a single year is just shy of $90,000, meaning that a collective of ten expertly trained private soldiers could patrol Los Alamos and keep us safe for a tenth of the cost of our current police system.

Factor in the cost of equipment, which given the LAPD spending report cost about $500,000, we could be saving nearly 80 percent of our policing budget, which would boost Los Alamos’ other public projects tenfold.

With these types of savings in mind, I’d like to you all to imagine what a Los Alamos with that kind of spending could look like. We could expand the golf course and make it a premier tourist destination in the state, a project long awaited that would add a “wow factor” to our town, or perhaps build a splash pad in White Rock for the local youth to frequent. Some thought could be given to our other tourist draws, we could purchase a new replica bomb for the science museum or redesign our trailheads to something more colorful.

When you crunch the numbers and look into the nitty gritty details like I have done, you can see that our current police department and subsequent spending is superfluous! I hope you all agree with me!

Editor’s note: The Los Alamos Daily Post encourages readers to fact check statements made in letter.