Letter To The Editor: Power Outages

Los Alamos

Today’s weather forecast (April 22) for Los Alamos County is for power outages.

Isn’t that weird? We get a little wind and out goes the power? This will be the 3rd time in two years.

I propose that we put all our power lines underground. It will cost a little money but with horizontal drilling I’m confident one of the wealthiest counties in the country will manage to afford it.

While we’re running underground power lines to every house the cost of simultaneously running fiber optic cables in addition will be marginal so let’s do both. County utilities run internet service will provide needed competition for Comcast.

In short we can have:

  • Protection against power outages every time the wind blows; and
  • Faster cheaper internet.

It is a win-win deal. Let’s do it.


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