Letter To The Editor: Police Reinforce Wise Decision To Move To Los Alamos

Los Alamos

I want to thank the Los Alamos Police for the assistance in the “Ridin with Biden” (campaign event) … as well as for many local and state candidates (Christine Chandler, Leo Jaramillo, Denise Derkus, Ben Ray Luján, Joseph Maestas and more) last Saturday.

It was amazingly well orchestrated and planned. Although I am unsure how many officers were involved, I can make two observations:

  • First, they were polite, efficient, and made sure everyone in the 40 car/truck caravan was safe and accounted for. They stopped traffic for all of us who had our lights and emergency blinkers on.
  • Secondly, I was the last car, and it was quite unnerving to have a siren blasting, red and blue and white lights flashing at me, but no one pulled me over.

My question was … do I go 40 mph down the front hill road (apparently, I could go faster to catch up with the others) and do I stop for a red light? 

Answer … NOPE because my guardian angel just pulled alongside of me so I could go through the red light with no danger of being hit. We went around the Hill and then down to White Rock and to Española…all with supervision.

Our wise decision made many years ago to move to Los Alamos was reinforced by the courtesy and concern of our fabulous police. Thank you, again for all you do.


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