Letter to the Editor: Police and Firefighter Appreciation Dinner Means So Much

Los Alamos Police Department

Los Alamos is a great community. To be able to serve as a police officer or firefighter in Los Alamos, for me, is very rewarding. 

This past Saturday, my wife and I attended the annual appreciation dinner held in honor of the Los Alamos Police and Fire Departments. This event is hosted by members of the community every year as a way to show support and appreciation toward public servants.

The event, as always, was very well organized and had great food. There were treats and presents given to family members to show the Christmas Spirit. There were family, team, and group pictures, small activity bags for young children, and fun presents for the adults; everyone had a great time.

I know I speak for all who attended in expressing a sincere gratitude to the community members who put on this event every year. I am fortunate to serve in a community, which has great respect their public service.

Thank you everyone who participated.